Corey Hardy


33 | Cary, North Carolina | MBA

Since 2010, I’ve known what I wanted to be a Marketer… the evolution, as you may call it, of my skillset since then has led me here. Into this mess of being a marketing catch-all. Having dabbled in enough to become pretty darn good at a lot, my days are never too much alike. The occasional copywriting day comes along like green on a roulette-wheel, mostly though, graphic design and project management fill my plate.

At home, my wife Jordanna is the pragmatic one. The one that usually has to bring me back to Earth now and again for honey-dos. Our lives revolve around each other, our big dreams, and our two dogs, Miles and McCray.

She, from Western Pennsylvania, and I, from South Louisiana, come from rural communities stranded somewhere in the mid to late-70s.

We made our way to New Orleans. We met and married quickly then set off for Central North Carolina, a nice mid-point between our homes while we planned our next move.

In Spring 2020, we will set out on a course to see North America together, traveling in our custom sprinter van.

What did the 4 say to the 10? “Will you marry me?”

What did the 4 say to the 10? “Will you marry me?”

Yin (Miles) + Yang (McCray)

Yin (Miles) + Yang (McCray)

For now we are preparing ourselves by selling most of our things and preparing our finances/careers for full-time travel. We are so excited to see what meeting so many new people will bring to our lives.

I’m thrilled to network with other digital nomads and to work with some incredible minds along the way.

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