Til Ya Die

What will you love Til Ya Die?

Til Ya Die planted its first boot in the ground in New Orleans, LA (NOLA) – circa 2006. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, not much was left of the city renowned for its flamboyance and its flair for the extravagant. On a flight from her hometown in Connecticut, NOLA transplant Kathleen McCall took out a pencil and a sketch pad and drew what has become a symbol of the vow she made to her favorite place – ‘til death do us part. The Skull she drew was a promise to the city and its people that she would hold course and fight to keep the spirit of New Orleans alive. Our Skull incorporates the hurricane eyes, representing the resilience of New Orleans in the wake of devastating storms; the heart in the nose for the eternal love of the city and its vibrancy; and the river running through the grin, the crescent shape that defines NOLA so poignantly.

Over the last decade, Til Ya Die has evolved into more than a brand, it has become a movement. Our audience? Everyone that is passionate about something. Maybe you’re passionate about baseball, or maybe you love to surf. Perhaps you live and breathe music or find your peace in the yoga studio. There is no limit to Til Ya Die and we are excited to share it with the world.

In an era where we all have our reasons to hang our heads from time to time, where we all struggle to find peace among the chaos, Til Ya Die is here to remind us of those other moments. Those other moments come when we immerse ourselves in something that makes us feel pure happiness.

Our mission is to remind the world to live for happy moments, the ones when you surround yourself with a feeling you’ll never let go… Til Ya Die.

This piece was written as a paid employee of Til Ya Die 



Corey Hardy